Flat pack cabinets

Are you wanting to lower the cost of your next building project? Are you looking for quality flat pack cabinets to build your own project, with a very simple process.

Flat Pack is a service provided by Aljay Cabinets and Carpentry that is in high demand for home renovators, builders, joiners, cabinet makers or for the home handy person who wishes to minimise the cost for a self-install cabinet solution for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, laundries, offices any cabinetry solution; you build the carcass and install; we provide the flat pack. We can custom cut materials to size for your next joinery project

From custom cabinets to any joinery in your home or office, we can custom cut any materials to size and shape. Our process is very simple. Simply contact us and let us know your desired size, shape, style, material and finish, and we’ll create your flat pack. Each pack includes easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

Choose your flat pack cabinetry style

When designing your new cabinetry solution, your cabinetry selection has a real impact on the overall look. Whether you love Shaker doors, Hamptons style, Country or Flat panel doors, the door profile you choose will play a huge role in creating your perfect cabinetry look. At Aljay Cabinets and Carpentry your custom flatpack is available in various door profiles, colours and textures, designed to suit the style you wish to achieve.

There is a wide variety of options with regards to surfaces, textures and colours available to choose from. You can also choose between a variety of different storage options, door opening styles, cabinet/drawer combinations, drawer inners, shelving options and so much more.

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