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Like a freshly ironed shirt, a sun-dried sheet, or a soft towel straight from the dryer, a fresh, fragrant, clean and tidy laundry delivers a frisson of pleasure every time you walk through the door.

The laundry may be a modest room compared with the rest of your home, but with professionally designed and crafted laundry cabinets, made from the best quality materials, you can transform your laundry into a pleasant, attractive and functional space.

We specialise in designing, building and installing high quality laundry cabinets that provide practical storage spaces.

Choose Your Laundry Cabinetry Style

When designing your new laundry, the cabinetry selection in every laundry is significant and there are many options available and many colour choices. Shaker style cabinets suit several styles but they work especially well if you’re going for a Hamptons design. Thanks to its frame and panel detail, which incorporates classic elements and elegant features, these cabinets blend in beautifully with either a Country, Traditional or Contemporary look.

Modern cabinetry is the least detailed of all the styles. Doors are usually flat panels acting like a blank canvas and is a strong foundation to build your dream laundry upon, allowing you to add details through hardware for a more layered look or keeping it simple with touch to open and integrated handles. Smooth joinery will keep your design looking seamless and streamlined, making its design ideal for evoking looks from Industrial through to the clean lines of the Scandinavian style.

Traditional is the most formal cabinetry style often embellished with ornately carved details. It’s in all the intricate details in a traditional style.

We are proud to offer a range of stylish joinery, available in various door profiles, colours and texture, designed to suit the laundry style you wish to achieve.

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